Anwar Al-Neel has a comprehensive logistics and distribution network and has the ability to effectively deliver raw materials and products to a wide range of clients; including schools and retail markets.  With a fleet of 80 vehicles, including 30 refrigerated trucks; Logistics and Distribution Unit is one of the largest distribution units in the market.  It also operates central warehouses in major cities and over 5000 m2 of production lines distributed in strategic locations to ensure the smooth and timely delivery of fresh products.  Proximity of production facilities to a large segment of our clients translates into savings in transport costs and serves as an entry point to highly populated areas. Production facilities include distribution points, warehouses, cooling facilities, truck parking lots and administration offices. Raw material supply schedules are carefully developed according to the requirements of each site through the application of modern information technology systems, thus contributing to effective inventory management.  Our outstanding logistical experience and capacities are key to highly flexible delivery of services to key and remote areas.